To complement the “clouds opposite the sunset” picture from the other day, here’s the morning mist and the sunrise catching the treetops. The days are definitely getting shorter. And it’s cooling off: we’ve been in the 50s most nights, and like 45° Fahrenheit one morning (about 7° C). It’s always a little bittersweet watching the end of the growing season approaching. Dunno what it’s like now, but it used to be our average first date of frost was September 20th or so.

Looking across a country road at a field with goldenrod and milkweed. A light mist casts a haze over the brush in the background, and the morning light draws a line across the pines beyond.

The milkweed is all going to seed. Actually we’ve mowed most of it down: it’s near impossible to kill without herbicides, but since the cows can’t eat it we try to keep it from taking over too too much.

I keep thinking I’m going to try seriously writing interactive fiction one of these years, and I had a silly story idea the other day that I meant to spend some time with, but I got two books in the mail today, and this selection of Emily Dickinson’s Envelope Poems is extremely cool and I got distracted by that. Now I’m tempted to buy the full collection (The Gorgeous Nothings) so I can lend this one out to people. It’s not even super expensive: like $40? Eh. Maybe not just now.

The other book that came today was Jesse Stommel’s new book Undoing the Grade: Why We Grade, and How to Stop. I read a bit of that. It seems kinda repetitive and I’m going “well yeah, of course” a lot, but I guess it takes a lot of work to convince people who are steeped in the traditional thing. Dunno. Seems like there might be some good stuff in there. We’ll see.