Carrots Outside

We weeded the rest of this bed of carrots today. I doubt these will be ready to harvest before it gets cold: our average first date of frost used to be around September 20th. Probably later now, but still, I doubt these will be ready. So we’ll set up hoops and cover them with row cover fabric and maybe with plastic. Carrots are actually pretty hardy: if they’re protected they can survive being frozen and thawed. These might end up being spring carrots. Hrm. Actually, these are right in the way of where we plow snow over the winter. So hopefully they’ll be late fall carrots, or we might have to give up on them. Poor planning there. Actually, poor planning all around, putting them in a spot that’s this weedy. Carrots, as I said before, really don’t like having to compete with weeds.

Looking down a long bed of baby carrots from near the ground: they're about two inches high, with grass-like seed leaves and then the feathery true leaves just opening up. The left half of the bed is just carrots. In the right half you can barely see the carrots through the weeds.

I spent some more time on the trailer game, made a level where you just back straight up across the screen (backing straight up is actually tricky) and a blocky spiral for practicing controlling the steering curve of the trailer. And I tweaked the controls and helper display a little. We used to have two circles: one for the trailer and one for the truck, but it was confusing to watch the truck one flip around and the trailer is the one that you want to watch. So we’ll see how this works. I still think the controls need something. I was backing up our (real world) trailer yesterday (this morning? no, yesterday) and it’s much easier to control when you have a real steering wheel that you can make slight adjustments to or swing it all the way lock-to-lock quickly. It might also help to make the truck go slower. Right now it’s pretty easy to jump to going way too fast. So if it was mostly in low gear for backing, I bet that’d be good.

A blocky spiral path: 16 segments around a full loop. The trailer started at the open end on the right side, and is backing clockwise down around the bottom.  The truck is a red rectangl with black wheels, the trailer is a longer purple rectangle. A blue circle shows the trailer's path and it needs to be steered outwards a little or it's going to brush the inside wall farther along.