[script, random notes]

Entangle the player in the ecosystem:

  • How is the player vulnerable to nature?
  • How is nature vulnerable to the player?
  • What things can/can't you change?

Is the ecosystem:

  • A fascinating and capricious partner?
  • An obstacle to be overcome?

(this is a spectrum: where do you fall?)

Farming is an intense production line environment crossed with one of the world's most fascinating detective gigs.

The details of the work are a whole thing in their own right: do you want to represent this in your game? Player skills? Character skills?

Radish Harvesting

Babé Farms (YouTube)

United Farm Workers (Twitter)

One year I saw a catalog describe three different varieties as "our darkest red romaine".

How do you learn to farm?

  • Books?
  • “Experts?”
  • Pushy locals?

Are mentors/resources reliable?

Is this a difficulty modifier?

Who wants to farm?

  • Retired professionals
  • Gardening enthusiasts
  • Disillusioned/idealistic young people
  • (or not so young ones)
  • Kids from multigenerational farms

Opera singer moves back to the farm (NY Times)

Where do you sell?

  • Self-serve farm stand
  • Farmers' markets/flea markets
  • CSA or pre-orders
  • Health food stores, food co-ops
  • Country store, grocery chains
  • Restaurants, B&Bs
  • Wholesalers
Co-ops$$lowquite a few
Farmers' market$$$highmany
Don't believe anything I just told you: it's all dangerously over-simplified.

Thank you!

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