Asparagus Again

The other side of the asparagus patch faces the vent fan for one of the greenhouses, so it consistently blows the fronds back and they’ve grown the other direction so you can see the stems, looking like the asparagus that you’d eat. Only much taller, of course. It rained heavily off and on all day today so I also liked how the feathery asparagus fronds hold all these little water droplets.

Tall green stems with the upward-pointing triangles like you see on asparagus when you eat it, with feathery fronds hanging down loaded with water droplets from the rain.

A mess of a busy day today: various family members running errands or going to appointments in different directions, one of our vehicles breaking down, fighting with moving the pigs (they tend to be very suspicious of anything new), trying to get the labor-intensive stuff harvested for weekend orders. Oh, and it was my turn to cook supper and do the dishes (which is just as well since I was the only one who didn’t have to go anywhere).

Did I even do any programming or math or anything today? I don’t think so. Nope. I had fun making a goofy shape in Cell Tower puzzle #477: it had lots of words where I could snip off a few letters from the start or end and make a different form or a different word, so I made a tall tower of wrong words and then stair-stepped all the way down to the solution. I ran the two “tough” puzzles from book 2 of Krazydad’s Cairo grid Slitherlink puzzles. I’m getting much better at those: I used to hate doing them on paper since so much of my solving technique is about it being obvious which lines I’ve ruled out and erased, and that’s much easier to see on the computer. But I’ve started just putting a single short slash through the lines that can’t be filled in, and I’m definitely learning to see those as empty spaces. Which is interesting since I haven’t done any on paper in a couple months. But I guess my brain has been processing the idea.

What else? Thinking about narrative design and interactive fiction a bit. I really just have to sit down and practice writing stories. I feel like I’m fine with the mechanical design side of things. I played about 30 minutes of Stay? which we’re doing for the book club, since the meeting is Wednesday. I don’t think it’s my thing. It seems sort of mechanically interesting but I feel like the text just gets in the way and is really rough and clunky and switches timescales constantly and it’s just really jarring and I don’t care about the story at all.