Ugh, missed another couple days. I’ve been writing other stuff, and doing some coding that I’m not ready to talk about, and my sleep/work schedule has been off so I keep forgetting to make time to take photos before it’s dark. Oh well.

Sometimes it’s hard to believe that we’ve been here for 16 years. Other times… when we moved here these evergreens were scraggly little maybe two-foot-tall twigs and we didn’t really think they would survive.

Looking across a tall green lawn with scattered dandelions and clover at a dense row of evergreens blocking the view of the road behind. At the left edge you can see a pile of logs waiting to be cut into firewood.

Unfortunately the previous owners spaced them so that there’s no good way to thin them without leaving gaps or having them too close. We discussed digging them up and moving them that first year but again, we thought they’d die and it would end up just being a lawn.

On the left is about one truckload of logs for firewood. I should have started cutting this up ages ago (we usually try to do it more in the spring when it’s cooler to work) but it was super rainy this spring and early summer.

What else have I done computer-wise lately? I did some more work on the trailer game: added a joint and an unpowered trailer to pull around. At first I just copied the car and it took me much too long to realize that the reason it was driving funny is that with four wheels I was dragging it around the corners. So I removed the front wheels on the trailer and it’s much better. I added some sensor shapes to tell if the hitch is (roughly) lined up and add/remove the joint, and threw in a few walls around the screen. So that’s a pretty good start.

We’ll still need to sort out a bunch of details about the control scheme, and experiment with different speed and power settings for your car, and trailer sizes and so on. And make levels, of course. But I think this is going to come together pretty quickly.