Black Cherry

After the Sun Oranges (or whichever one of the Sun Gold related varieties we happen to be growing in any given year) I think the Black Cherries are my favorite cherry tomato variety. Not as sweet, but maybe more tomatoey? They tend to be more brown in person than this picture shows. They also run a little on the larger side, but usually not too big to fit in your mouth.

It’s been a pretty damp summer here. We’ve been doing pretty well so far but you can see we’re starting to get some disease here, especially on the lower (older) leaves.

A close-up of a sprig of brownish cherry tomatoes against a backdrop of the vine's leaves. In the foreground a mostly green one is just starting to change color. Many of the leaves have light yellowish smudges on them, especially lower down.

Too many farm things to do today: I didn’t actually stop until almost 8:30 when it was nearly full dark. But I did spend a little time this morning trying to take some of the things I’d like in a Twine-like interactive fiction editor and put them into words. Things like “Authors should be able to add whitespace to their source code for readability without breaking the output formatting,” or “It should be nearly trivial to take a repeated piece of code and put it in a single place for re-use.”

Ideally I’d love to have “Authors should be able to read and write code in a format that is comfortable for them” and translate on the fly from a traditional programming-language format (with function names in whatever language?) to more natural-language Inform 7-like. I even have the idea that it should be possible to switch on the fly between text and stackable draggable blocks or flowcharts with nodes and arrows. I’ve done some tiny bits of prototyping and it seems straightforward to me, but lots of other people seem to think it’s a nearly insurmountable problem, so maybe I’m missing something.